Black Butte Ski

A couple friends and I decided to check out Black Butte after hearing reports on how good it’s been with the most recent snow fall. I also heard that a track was made from the day before-Big Incentive!

North Side of Black Butte

Black Butte is a Plug Dome Volcano which rises vertically 2,000′ at an almost 45-degree angle from the valley floor to an elevation of 6,325′. We began our climb by skinning up and up and up.

Close to the top

With it getting warm, we decided to ski down from here.

Mike the Shredder!

Mike getting first turns.


We found powder on northerly slopes skiing it most of the way. The lower section, we had to boot it out.

Beautiful Mt. Shasta

This was my first ski on Black Butte. It was challenging and rewarding. Still good up high but snow is melting fast.

Looks like more weather this weekend~April Powder Chowder!