Spring is Here~No Really!!!

Drove up Mt. Shasta for a morning ski.

Mt. Shasta, Bunny Flat

Getting ready to head out, I realized I left my poles at home. I walked on the surface of the snow to check it out and realized after over a foot of new snow this past week and yesterday with winds up to 85 m.p.h., maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to change plans. It felt a little bit breakable with temps warming up. Tomorrow should be good corn. So I decided to head to…

Castle Lake

I  skinned up Right Peak and dropped down the west (backside). It was pretty good. Did it twice before it really warmed up.

Cornice Build-up and Avalanche Activity

With these warm temps today throughout the weekend, be on alert for Avalanche Activity.

Along Everitt Memorial Hwy between Upper and Lower Sand Flat

Here’s a impressive avalanche created from a tree snapping in the April Blizzard Snowstorm on Wednesday.

Lake Siskiyou

Looks like it’s going to be gorgeous weather this weekend in the Mt. Shasta area. Until next week that is…more rain and snow in the forecast. Yes folks, more Powder is on the WAY!

Have a Great Weekend!