Lassen Peak Ski Conditions

Thursday morning I drove over to Lassen to Ski!

North Side of Lassen Peak

I met up with my friend Ed. The road is open to the Devastated Area. We started skinning up from there.

Bear Tracks

We saw quite a few of these…I think it was the same bear. They looked pretty fresh.

Along the Trail

Good skinning conditions most of the way. We didn’t summit this time due to winds and icy conditions.

Getting Dicey

We were planning on heading up to the top of the ridge but looking at the snow, we know it was icy.

I got to experience it first hand. Took a short slide-Time to ski the Corn!

Shredding the Corn!

We found great conditions from around 8500ft. back to parking area.

Tailgate Party

Celebrated with the couple who was skiing too. Still lots of snow for great spring and early summer skiing. Not sure when the road will be open all the way through but it looks like they are hard at work.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Keep up the good work, I like your writing.

  2. Damian and Lisa says:

    We are so stoked to see the pictures of Ed and You having fun. We had such a great time with you guys last year. We have been wanting to come up but haven’ had the time with work and school and your blog has been keeping us in the loop, I check it every day, were happy with the pictures and when I saw that You’re were hanging with Ed …Wahooo!!! I just had to hoot. Ed is a legend .We hope to see you by the end of May or beginning of june Looks like the snow will still be there. Thanks for the fun

  3. It was great to meet you two! What a character Ed is. We enjoyed listening to him talk about skiing. Makes me feel better about choosing skiing as a career instead of a job that pays well. Hope we see you again.

    The couple from the Lassen tailgate, Blue Subaru… Carl & Tara


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