Waterfalls, Rivers & Lakes at Full Capacity to High Winds on Mt. Shasta

Water is calling me. With the amazing snow pack we have, rivers, creeks and lakes are filling up. Decided to head south to the amazing~

Hedge Creek Falls, Dunsmuir

A short 10 minute walk down to this lovely waterfall.


Check out my book “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun” for more waterfalls in the area.

Upper Sacramento River in Full Swing

Continued south to Sims Campground located along the Upper Sacramento River.

Campsite Along Hazel Creek

Sims was named after Simeon (Sims) Southern an early pioneer, who built a trading post and corral in 1859 to supply the gold miners.

Notice the wood pile in this picture. With all the storm damage from the winter storms, the CCC came through and did an excellent clean-up job in the campground. All the wood is left for campers. Keep in mind it’s still pretty green.

Rock-Lined Staircase

Check out the historical trail in the campground with four interpretive areas including…

The picture above is all that’s left of the Camp Sims (1934-1939) once a bustling CCC Camp for boys from the Bay Area communities. Besides firefighting, the boys gained a real reputation for building 3 fire lookouts, constructing part of Everitt Memorial Highway and building Panther Meadows Campground.

Red Bud Tree

A true sign of Spring!

Winds Blowing up to 92 mph!

It’s been Windy up on Mt. Shasta. Temps have been warm keeping lower elevation skiing very Corny!

Movie 1

Check out how windy it’s really gets! We skied back down in the Gulch and it was Good.

Looks like warm temperatures throughout the week maybe into the weekend.

Have a great week everyone!


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    The pics and movie clips are awsome.

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