Anaconda Ski and Hotlum/Bolam Part 2 on Mt. Shasta

A excellent ski weekend with great friends.

West Face Route-SW Side of Mt. Shasta

Friday a few friends and I got together and skinned up to Anaconda. It’s over towards Hidden Valley and the West Face. Here’s a picture I took of the West Face. It’s still in great shape for climbing and skiing! Unfortunately everything below 9,000ft. is pretty much toast-Suncups and rain runnel snow.

Looking towards Hidden Valley and Shastina-SW Side of Mt. Shasta

This area holds snow for a while. Good skiing and climbing!

Route on the way to Hotlum/Bolam Ridge

Saturday my friend Ed and I headed over to the North side of the mountain. Second time for me. This time we were able to drive right to the trail head.

Skinning up to 10,700 ft.

Saturday we skinned up pretty high and got great turns. Very smooth and no sun cups on the north side.

Windy at the Summit

It was windy up high. Talked to a few people who summited in 40+m.p.h winds!

Skiing It!

Carving turns!

Hotlum Glacier in Full Glory

It was so good we return Sunday. Our friend Rick joined us.

Tailgate Party

Another excellent ski on Sunday. We did have to boot up around 200 vertical ft. and then skinned up the rest of the way. Get it while it’s good. It’s going to go fast with the warm temps.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Have a great week everyone!