Avalanche Watch~Castle Lake & Mount Shasta

Weather…it just keeps coming! Warm temperatures throughout this week with a rain/snow mix. Ingredients for an avalanche???

Middle Peak, Castle Lake

This picture was taken last Saturday. A skier was cutting the slope to test it and it went. Lots of activity with cornices breaking off and warmer temperatures creating nice size avalanches.

Castle Lake Still Frozen

It’s just starting to melt out around the edges. This picture was taken from the top of Right Peak.

Chrissy on Right Peak

Just want to say~Congratulations to all 2010 Graduates!

Climbing Season Is Here

Last weekend was opening season for climbing.

The main route up the Heart to the Top of the Red Banks.

Point Releases off the Ridge

Lots of avalanche activity on Mt. Shasta throughout this week.

Early Morning on Mt. Shasta

I went up early this morning (Thursday) to check out the conditions.  Still lots of snow at Bunny Flat. Pretty smooth so far.

Possibly rain in the forecast up to 11,000 ft. maybe higher creating rain runnels…so far so good.

To the Clouds

I skinned up to around 9,000 ft. before visability got poor. Of course when I got down and turned around, it cleared up.

Lots of water in the snow

Freezing line is pretty high right now. It didn’t freeze here around 9,000 ft. Still not bad skiing. Looks like rain in the forecast up pretty high in elevation until Friday. Weekend is looking promising with Sunshine and temps in the 70’s in town and 50’s on the mountain.

With warm temperatures this weekend, be on alert for Avalanche Activity.

As always, Have a great weekend everyone!


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