Hotlum/Bolam Ski-Northgate Trailhead

Sunday morning a couple friends and I drove over to the north side of Mt. Shasta to Ski.

Northgate Trailhead

We were able to drive within a 1/2 mile to the trailhead and began skinning from trailhead. With these warm temps, snow down lower will melt fast. Route was easy to follow from climbers and skiers the previous day.

Firm and Icy

My friends had crampons for their skis. I decided to boot it from here. We stopped at 9500 ft. and waited for the CREAMY CORN!

The Decent

Lots of snow at treeline and above.

Local Yocal Shastafarian

We saw another skier skinning up not to far behind us. When we skied up to him, it was one of our ski buddies. We all skied the rest of the way down and had a well-deserved beer.

Our Tracks

Looking Back at our tracks. Only a few cars on this side. Not like Bunny Flat which has been a zoo all weekend.

Hotlum Headwall

Zoomed in on the Hotlum Headwall. Climbing the Hotlum/Bolam route looks like it’s going to be in good shape for a while.

There have been quite a few rescues (12) on the mountain this weekend.

Please be prepared for climbing this mountain-

Climbing Advisory-

***Update 9pm, Saturday, June 12: Not quite sure how to sum up today…  6 climbers were injured today with 5 requiring rescue.  4 climbers fell and slid 1000 to 1800 vertical feet suffering multiple fractures and a variety of injuries.  2 climbers were injured by falling ice chunks.  5 occurred in Avalanche Gulch and one near the Clear Creek route.  What can I say…  If an ice axe self arrest is not second nature, either take a class, go on a guided trip, or practice, practice practice. The snow is smooth and firm and high winds today helped knock over a few people.  Wear a helmet.  Ice is a rock, and when chunks are travelling downhill at 50 mph, they can do some damage.  Look uphill; listen; yell to warn climbers below. And, oh ya, WEAR A HELMET! ***

Sunday there was another 6 rescues on Mt. Shasta. Fortunately no fatalities.