Rafting on Klamath River, Skiing Lassen Peak

Tuesday I went rafting on the Lower Klamath River on a run known as Tree of Heaven.

Beautiful Stretch of the Klamath River

This run is a Class 2-3 run. Great for beginners or anyone who wants to go on a mellow run. There are a few fun rapids along the way.

River Dancers Leading the Crews!

Thanks Mike and Linda for a great day of rafting!

Lake Helen, Lassen Peak

Thursday I headed to Lassen for some more Turns! The road is now open to Bumpass Hell. The road is plowed to the summit trailhead parking lot but not open yet. Not sure when it will be open. They are still working on the clearing snow on the road beyond that.

Climbing up Lassen

Booting it is the way to go with the soft snow.

Almost at the Top

Ed cruising to the Summit.

Linda at the Summit Block


S.E. Slope of Lassen

Great coverage on all aspects. Skiing is pretty good but get it early with these warm temps. Getting mushy.

Ed and Me

Thanks Ed for another great trip!

Have a great weekend Everyone!


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  2. It looks like a beautiful place where there is plenty to do! How are those river rapids or are they very calm?


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