Deadfall Meadows Wildflowers and Lower Deadfall Lake

Wildflowers are beginning to bloom.

Wildflower Seekers

One of those spontaneous trips came calling to me this morning. I was invited to go check out the wildflowers on the Deadfall Meadows Trail and we also hiked to the Lower Deadfall Lake.

Tiger Lily

The wildflowers blooming right now that we saw include the Tiger Lily, Mariposa Lily, Columbine Flower, Yellow Lupine, Larkspur, Scarlet Gilia and many more.

Lower Deadfall Lake

We stopped here and some of us took a swim. There are a couple good campsites around the lake.

Thunder and the snake

I couldn’t believe this. My cat is a hunter but who ever thought…a snake! I guess I’ve been watering my yard too much!!!

Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher this weekend-triple digit temperatures.

Stay hydrated, check out the beautiful lakes in the Mt. Shasta area to cool off and as always…

Have a great weekend!

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