Happy 4th of July!!!

Here it is the busiest weekend and party in Mount Shasta. The 4th of July celebrated here since 1888. Come on over and check out all the activities here over the weekend including the famous walk/run, parade and incredible display of fireworks over Lake Siskiyou.

Hotlum/Wintun on East Side

A couple friends and I escaped the first day of madness and went to harvest the last of the goods.

Skiing into July…

Road is quite open yet to the Brewer Creek Trailhead

We began our journey hiking for about 2 miles before skinning up. On our return, someone had plowed through the snow burm and now it’s drivable to the second switchback making it a bit shorter to the snow. Oh yeah, whoever switched the beers for my cold ones in the snow, excellent trade.

I love Mt. Shasta Ale~They were good and cold!

We starting skiing from here 10,500 ft.

The skiing is good from about 9500 ft and up. We got a good 1200 ft. of good skiing and then it became…


It wasn’t too bad. In a few days, it will not be fun at all.

Hotlum/Wintun Route

Wintun Glacier on the left. Hot-toon Snowfield in the middle. Hotlum Glacier and Hotlum Icefalls on the right.

Kangaroo Lake

I took a drive this week to Scott Valley and stopped at Kangaroo Lake. The road is completely clear of snow and only patches around the lake. It’s beautiful right now.  An excellent driving tour for this weekend. Check it out in my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.


I couldn’t resist this. As I was driving home, a motorcycle passed me with a wooden box attached to the back. Then I realized he had a passenger who looked very happy!

Everyone, have a great and safe 4th of July!

Check it out~

I will giving powerpoint presentations on Discover Mt. Shasta at the Adventure 16 stores located in Southern California.

July 6 at 7:00 at the Tarzana Store and July 7 at 7:00 at the West Los Angeles Store.


  1. I was there visiting during the July 4th weekend! What a great mountan – I wish I had met you, I would have loved to ski in July!!!