Backpacking in Lassen~Dusting on Mt. Shasta

This week was a little backpacking here and a little bit there.

Snag Lake

A friend and I met at Lassen National Park and spent a couple days backpacking.

Rainbow Lake

We did a nice loop hiking to quite a few lakes. Fortunately, we didn’t have many mosquito problems.

Penny Royal also known as Coyote Mint

This very fragrant flower is in full bloom right now. Makes a great tea.


This beautiful wildflower come in many varieties. They are in full bloom too.


I think this is a garter snake. Hanging out on the rocks.

Summit Lake

Another fun trip.

Base Camp at 50/50 Flat-9400 ft.

The past couple of days I lead a group on Mt. Shasta. We woke up to a nice dusting Saturday Morning.

Looking up Avalanche Gulch


Sunday Morning

Mt. Shasta’s first frosting this season-August 28-29

Have a great week everyone. Until next time…