Russian Wilderness~Bingham Lake Backpack Trip

The past couple of days a friend and I went backpacking in the spectacular Russian Wilderness located in the Klamath National Forest. This wilderness has more conifer species (17) in a concentrated area than possibly anywhere else in the world.

Bingham Lake

We set up our basecamp at Bingham Lake, a short distance from the Pacific Crest Trail- A long distance hiking and equestrian trail that runs in Washington, Oregon, California between Mexico and Canada. A distance of 2,650 miles.

Hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail

We ran into a few through PCT hikers on the trail. They are hiking over 25 miles a day. Their goal for the day was getting to the Etna Brewery located in Etna, Ca. Can’t blame them for wanting to have a award winning and cold “ETNA BREWERY BEER”.

Statue Lake

We day hiked to another beautiful gem known as Statue Lake. Great place to have lunch and go for a swim. Not so great for camping opportunities.

A Newt...look closer

Newts are amphibians of the salamandridae family. Adults have lizard-like bodies and may be either fully aquatic living permanently in the water or returning to the water each year to breed.

Sunset Scenery at Bingham Lake~

Granite Rock Surrounding Lake

Water's Reflection

Getting ready to pack up and…

Kitchen Area

We heard something in the kitchen area. A very BOLD chipmunk starting running off with my water filter tube. He chewed through the plastic and next thing we see a tube moving slowly up the hill. I couldn’t believe it. Food…yes, I can understand. Anyways got the tube and was able to fix the chewed up section. Just goes to show how important it is to put everything away.

Happy Camper

Backpacking and hiking are in full swing. Time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful lakes, wildflowers & scenery, solitude, etc.

Have a great weekend!


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