Adventure Week

This week has been one big adventure. Did a little bit of everything during these last beautiful warm sunny days.

RMB Group riding Mt. Shasta

Last weekend, the Redding Mountain Bike Group came out and explored some of our wonderful mountain bike trails on Mt. Shasta. We had a lot of fun. Especially the afterwards party at the Goat Tavern!

Up, Up and Away

Hot Air Ballooning is exciting and fun! 15 years ago I did some crewing (chasing the balloon) and now I’m back. Plus every now and again I get to go up too. For more info check out-

Lower Gray Rock Lake

Got some hiking in with the Diva Group. This week we went to Lower and Upper Gray Rock Lakes located west of Mt. Shasta in the Klamath Mountains. A great 2-3 mile round-trip day hike. Just beware of the road driving up. It get’s technical. Most people park before reaching trail head and walk it.

Shaggy Mane Mushrooms

We came upon this mushroom hiking up the road. It likes to grow in gravel areas, summer and fall grass and hard packed soil. They are edible but take special preparation after picking (collected at an early stage) and should be prepared immediately.


My friend Mike MacAllister took this incredibly awesome photo on the Rogue River, Oregon last weekend.

Looks like a weather change coming. Cooler weather on the way…Have a great weekend!