Happy Thanksgiving!!! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…

You say SNOW

In the past 3 days we’ve received 17-20 inches of new snow.

McBride Springs Trek

After our first dump Saturday night, the snowplows were very busy clearing up town. With over a foot of snow on the mountain road, many of us deciding to start at the lower slopes-McBride Springs. The snowplow made it up to Bunny Flat that afternoon and it’s been in good shape since. Roads are slick. Make sure you have chains or snow vehicle.

Green Butte Ridge 8,000 ft.

Monday we decided to check out Green Butte Ridge especially since someone broke trail up earlier (thanks Mike). Lots and lots of snow. Not great visibility. It felt bottomless. Not fun to fall in. Here’s a couple pics of trying to ski or should I say break trail downhill.

Getting Ready for Decent

Where are my skis!

It was a bit of a slog pushing snow downhill. No base. Lots of hidden rocks.

Tuesday the sun came out and with that so did the winds. Check it out~

Bunny Flat Wind

Old Ski Bowl

Today we decided to skin up the road to the Old Ski Bowl. We stayed in our tracks on the road back down. The snow is heavy and deep off the trail. It still needs time to settle and create a base.

UPDATE-Snow is getting better. We have a base, pow-pow and TURKEY DAY!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cold temps down into the single digits for the next few nights. Don’t let the pipes freeze! Next storm starts this weekend!

Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving.


  1. v helen jones says:

    WOW!!!!!! wish I was there……..loved the pics & input, thanks………here in southern Ca. livin’ vicariously through you………