Mt. Shasta Current Conditions

Happy November to everyone!

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Old Ski Bowl Oct. 31, 2010

It’s a rare occasion to have the road open and plowed up to the Old Ski Bowl after a snow storm.

Thank you County Snow Plowers!

As of Nov. 1, the road is open to the Lower Parking Lot of the Old Ski Bowl. Not sure when the gate will be closed at Bunny Flat..

Green Butte Ridge, Upper Broadway

Zoomed in with my camera from Bunny Flat. Good coverage up high.

Heading up right side of Avy Gulch 8,000 ft.

Snow coverage from Bunny Flat. Didn’t hit any rocks. With warm temps this week, things could melt out fast.

Middle Morraines, Helen Lake

Looking Good!!!

November's Corny Snow

What a Treat!

A good start for the winter season.

I will post snow, weather and road conditions more regularly as the storms roll in.

Have a great week everyone!