Mt. Shasta’s Snow~Mom & Dad Visit

The past couple weeks we’ve had the opportunity to drive up to the Old Ski Bowl and ski! It’s a rarity and I want to personally thank the county for keeping the gate open. It is now officially closed for the season.

Here’s some footage of one of the local yocals skiing from the ridge down into Ski Bowl on Monday.

Old Ski Bowl

My parents came up this week for a visit. We had a great time visiting the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden located a few miles north of Weed off of Highway 97. (Check out Shasta Valley and Weed Tour in my book “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”) and checked out the new local Thai Restaurant in Mt. Shasta. Excellent food and service.

Mom & Dad

We also visited the SunDial Bridge located in Redding, Ca. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great visit!

Lower Portion Sun Bowl

Thursday, Veteran’s Day, a couple friends and I skinned up to the Lower Portion of Sun Bowl. It’s still pretty low on snow at Bunny Flat. Most people are heading up the road towards the Old Ski Bowl. Be on alert for snowmobiles and cautious of rocks especially on the lower slopes.

Shredding it!

Thanks Janet for taking the pictures.

Have a great weekend everyone and if your in the Mt. Shasta area check out-

4th annual movie night at the Weed Brewery. Friday night fundraiser for Avalanche Center 6:30-8:00. $10 at door. Kids under 10 free.


  1. Dear Robin,
    I am glad you had fun with your Mom and Dad.

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  3. Just wanted to stop by and say “Hi Robin.”
    Looks like you and your folks had a great time.
    Hopefully see you on the slopes SOON !!