Happy Holidays!!! Come Play in the SNOW~We Got Lots!!!


Update, 12/30/10 4 pm: Saw a natural avalanche in Sun Bowl today caused by wind loading.  Observed many shooting cracks, above and below tree line.  Rutschblock score of R3 (failed on a knee bend) on a low angle slope for safety reasons.  Failed 14 inches below the surface and shows instability in the snow.

Update Thursday, Dec. 30 9 am: We received 2 inches of new snow over the last 24 hours and temperatures were between 8-15F.  We have received 38 inches of snow over the last few days.  Our biggest concern today is the NW wind which has gusted to 92 mph at tree line and has been blowing for 30 hours. Touchy wind slabs are definitely present near and above tree line and the snow below tree line has also been wind affected.  Slopes 35 degrees and greater at all elevations, especially on E and S aspects, will be sensitive and should be avoided.

Remember to carry extras in your vehicle. You never know when you’ll need it.

In the past few days we’ve received over 5 feet of snow in the surrounding mountains. Skiing’s been pow-pow!

Everitt Memorial Highway is plowed and open up to Bunny Flat. Thank you County Plowers!

Skiing through the Shasta Red Fir Forest

No more skinning up from McBride Springs.(For now anyways)

Now it’s time for shuttle runs starting from Bunny Flat.

Beautiful Mt. Shasta

This picture was taken on the McBride Run at the bottom of Horrible Hill. Today it was more like…yum,yum!

Be on alert for avalanche danger. It’s definitely out there-

Check out Grey Butte Avalanche from 12/23/10-


Current avalanche report-


Who’s This???

Mendelson the elf

This is “Mendel” for short. My parent’s dog.

Looks like more weather on the way- Winter’s in full swing!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Holiday


Happy “2011” New Year!!!