Variable Conditions to Getting Much Better-Mt. Shasta

This week has definitely been a mixed bag of conditions on Mt. Shasta. Conditions are progressively getting better as the snow flies!

Beautiful Mt. Shasta Glory!

Everyday has been a little bit different. Variable conditions getting better each day with new inches of snow too! Road currently plowed up to Bunny Flat.

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanches come right down this gulch and have been known to come down along ways. Always KNOW Before You Go!

Sierra Club Cabin (Horse Camp)

There’s a good few feet of snow at the cabin.

Skinning Up Casaval Ridge

This climb and ski is one of my favorites and so magical!

Rock Outcropping on Casaval Ridge 9,400 ft.

I skinned up to a little above 9,000 ft. Weather starting moving in and everything above me was getting pretty wind scoured.

Cloud Hovering over Black Butte

Looking at Black Butte from 9,000 ft. Another UFO Landing Site???

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Ski Park opened Dec. 7 and ski park getting better each day. I would like to thank the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce for such a delightful gathering at the ski park Thursday for all members. It was a lot of fun.

Looks like more weather this week=more snow!!!

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Have a great weekend!


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