Winter’s Corn & Happy Valentine’s Day!

***UPDATE*** – Feb. 15th, 2011 at 0700 hrs

Southwest winds have continued for the last 24 hours and we have received 10 inches of new snow in the Old Ski Bowl. Winds have averaged a steady 20-30 mph. Yesterday, shooting cracks were observed below treeline off of Green Butte ridge. More snow and windy SW conditions are expected to continue through today. Extreme caution should be used if traveling anywhere in the backcountry on all aspects and elevations, however especially on N and E aspects above treeline. -Meyers

The past couple weeks have offered mostly corny conditions. I won’t complain but new snow will be nice.

Looks like next week will bring some freshies our way!

Thursday, I skinned up to the old T-Bar run to Old Ski Bowl around 9,000 ft.

Old Ski Bowl

Still good coverage but feels more like May.

Green Butte Vent

It’s been told this vent was hit by lightning changing the rock color greenish, hence its name.

Avalanche Gulch

This is the coverage as of Feb. 11, 2011

Mike and Ellen

Have a great weekend &

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!