Castle Lake Spring Conditions

I finally made it up to Castle Lake this season and found some good corn conditions.

Castle Lake Cliffs

Looking toward Middle Peak.

Nice Set of Tracks

Ski tracks and snowshoe tracks side-by-side. This is an excellent example of setting tracks.

Castle Lake

Lots of snow still. It will be a while before the lake melts out.

Cornice Build-Up

Up close and not too personal!

Castle Lake is known for major cornice build-up along the ridges. Beware of these when skinning or climbing on ridges. Cornices also break off creating avalanches especially during warm temperatures.

View of Mt. Shasta

What’s been going on Mt. Shasta…

a variety of conditions from corn to 6 inches of fresh powder to breakable crust.

Rain Halo Around the Sun

Rain may be heading this way and snow at the upper elevations. Check out the latest climbing advisory-

Have a great weekend everyone!