Mt. Shasta and Spring WHITEOUTS!

That’s what the conditions have been on Mt. Shasta!

Wednesday Morning

Not to bad…yet!

Climber's Heading Up Avalanche Gulch

Visibility getting worse.

I was skinning up the middle moraines and after a brief encounter with zero visibility, I was very happy to see…


Ahhh…the sun!

Whiteouts happen in a blink of an eye.

Always be prepared by carrying map & compass and a GPS.

Green Butte Ridge

I took this picture Friday and it just got worse as I skied down…that is the visibility.

Snow was good. We got a few inches so far out of these series of storms.

Looks like more weather throughout the weekend.

Be careful out there and prepared and have a great weekend!


  1. William Padgett says:

    Thank you Robin for taking me down that last section of the mountain safely on Friday! William