Family Visit in Sacramento~Snowing Again!

This week has been spring break for my nephews from school.

My sister and the boys drove up from S.Cali and we met in Sacramento.

Old Town Sacramento

We spent a bit of time in Old Town Sacramento visiting all the cool stores including a awesome kids outdoor activities and education store with really neat stuff.

Sutter's Fort

We spent Sunday morning exploring the history of Sutter’s Fort.

Beautiful Tree

There is a walking tour throughout the Fort with replica models of how it was back it the Gold Rush Days!

Here are a few more pics~

Riffle Presentation

The Grounds

My sister and Lucas

I had a great visit with my sister and nephews Adam, Ryan and Lucas.

Here back in Mt. Shasta it’s been COLD! 14 degrees this morning on the mountain and 9 degrees tonight.

It’s snowing and looks like it’s a maybe throughout the weekend.

Skiing conditions have been FIRM! Be prepared for firm and icy conditions on Mt. Shasta.

Have a great weekend!