Castle Lake~Yep Still Snow!

Castle Lake May 20th Skiing!

Skinning Up towards Middle Peak

Decent coverage still for May.  Manzanita brush starting to show.

Get it while it’s good!

Castle Spires

More great ski terrain. Saw a few avalanche sluffs off the slopes.

With warm temps, skin early and ski before snow gets sloppy and avalanche potential.

Know your slope angles and aspects.

Avalanche Gulch, Mt. Shasta

Looking over at the Southeast slope off Casaval into Avalanche Gulch-

See the two avalanches. Looks like more activity in Sun Bowl and Powder Bowl.

Signs are out there. Be avy savy!

Very Cozy

Relaxing before the descent.

Hoisting Practice

This week we also had Helicopter Training.

With climbing season approaching, it’s good to be prepared for helicopter rescues.

Black Hawk

This specialized Ship is used for Summit Rescues on the summit of Mt. Shasta.

Black Hawk Cockpit

Here’s my chance to sit in the cockpit.

Looks like we may get a little weather this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!