Mt. Shasta Exceeds Its Corn Expectations!

Mt. Shasta has the reputation for some of the best spring and early summer corn snow.

This week has been at its finest so far!

Mt. Shasta's Finest Corn

What does Corn mean?

Snow has melted and refrozen into a rough granular surface. The key is to get up early while it’s still frozen and come down as the snow warms up into corn.


Saw these climbers heading up Avalanche Gulch. She has the right idea!

Heading Up Giddy Giddy Gulch

Friday morning I decided to skin up to the top of Giddy-Giddy Gulch. The name says it all! .

Top of Giddy Gulch

This is around 9400′. There are a few tent platforms already dug out from previous climbers.

Casaval Ridge

Weather is definitely moving in for the weekend.

Sierra Club Cabin (Horse Camp)

There’s a nice path dug out to enter the cabin. Still pretty buried with lots of snow.

The spring and restrooms are dug out but still closed due to lots of snow. Melt  your water and bring Mt. Shasta’s Famous Pack-Out-Bags for overnight trips.

Lenticular Cloud

Took this photo early Friday morning. Sign that weather is moving in. Looks like maybe a little snow this weekend on the mountain. As always, be prepared for winter conditions. Check out latest climbing advisory-

We still have a good 10+ feet at the Bunny Flat parking lot (6950′). Looks like good skiing for a while and a excellent spring and summer climbing season.

Have a great weekend everyone and go out and have some FUN!


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