Corn Harvest on Mt. Shasta

Spring is finally here until June 21st~Summer Solstice!

Avalanche Gulch-Above Helen Lake

We have an incredible snow pack for the month of June. March precipitation was 258% of normal, pushing our season to 123% of normal. Conditions have been smooth and corny!

Red Banks Close-Up

Climbing Season is in full swing with climbers rolling in for the weekend.

Thumb Rock 12,923 ft.

Current Report from Climbing Advisory-

Avalanche Gulch– John Muir Route (Regular Route) via Bunny Flat Trailhead: This route is in great shape currently. The weekend weather looks to be good, and this route is expected to be crowded. Just because the weather is good does not make the climbing any safer. Rime-ice currently coats the Redbanks and neighboring rocks… many may remember the weekend in June last year when we had a total of 9 helicopter evacuations and 3 ground evacs due to ice fall/rock fall/slips in AG. Conditions will be similar this weekend and we would like to prevent a repeat… PLEASE, wear a helmet, KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR ICE AXE AND CRAMPONS…. self arrest is a MANDATORY skill. Avalanche Gulch… at 6 a.m. …at 12,000 feet is NOT the time to learn. Keep an eye above for rock fall and ice fall and stay out of the main fall line beneath Redbanks. The skiing is good and the general avalanche danger is low. For further reading-

and Skiing…

Top of Powder Bowl

Powder Bowl is in great shape right now~Yes JUNE!

It’s not gonna last long with the warm temps in the forecast.

Yummy Turns

Get an early start to get the perfect corn.

I’ve been skiing down from 10,000 ft. between 11:00-11:30. It’s been just right.

As always, have a great weekend!