Fourth of July Weekend!

This week we’ve had some crazy weather.

Major rainfall to very warm temperatures. Looks like beautiful weather for this weekend.

This is the biggest holiday weekend here in Mt. Shasta.

Happy 4th of July!

It all started back in 1888 with the first parade. Today over 5,000 people come from all over to participate in the events offered over the weekend. Here’s the list of events-

I would like to thank Sunrise Mountain Sports in Livermore, CA. and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories for inviting me down and presenting my slide show “Mount Shasta Adventures”.

In Action

Giving a motivational talk on Wellness and the Outdoors!

and of course…

Current conditions on Mt. Shasta

Avalanche Gulch

Took this picture earlier in the week before the significant amount of rainfall. Snowfall was at around 11,000 ft.

Still snow at Bunny Flat heading up the gulch. Looks like with the warmer temps this weekend, snowpack will consolidate with this last storm.  Take caution of possible avalanche activity with the rain fall and rock fall. The heavy rain on the snow pack actually weakens the snow pack increasing the chances of avalanche activity and possible slides.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July Weekend!