Mt. Eddy Ski and Mt. Shasta’s Northside Ski

This is one of the classic early summer ski decents in the Mt. Shasta Area.

Mt. Eddy is the highest peak in the Klamath Mountain Range. It is 9,025 ft.

Mt. Eddy~Klamath Mountain Range

It’s very difficult to access route during snow months due to private property issues. Thank you J for getting us access.

Mt. Eddy is also an excellent day hike. Check out the trail description in my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Lots of Snow Still

It’s gonna be a while before things melt out. Deadfall Lakes are still  frozen.

Top of Mt. Eddy

I’ve always wanted to camp up here. What an excellent spot. (As long as it’s not too windy!)

Getting Ready for the Decent!

I love this ski!

Whoo-Hoo~Our Turns

Hit it just right.

Dobkin's Lake

This lake is located below Mt. Eddy. Just starting to melt out.

North Side of Mt. Shasta at 9,000 ft.

Thursday, June 16th we went to check out the North side of Mt. Shasta.

We were able to drive a half mile to the  Northgate trail head.  We skinned up to 9,000 ft. on the higher slopes and hit the corn just right at  around 11:30.

Mt. McLoughlin, Southern Oregon

This peak was named after John McLoughlin in 1838, leader for the Hudson Bay Company.

Another great Ski Descent in my future!

Mr. Squirrel

Looks like it may be a windy weekend up on the higher elevations of Mt. Shasta. Be prepared for windy and firm conditions.

As Mr. Squirrel says, Have a fun and safe weekend!


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