Mt. Shasta Summer Conditions

Summer is finally here!

Bunny Flat Trail Head 6,950 ft.

We still have lots of snow. With these warm temps, it’s melting and beginning to sun cup down low.

Higher on the mountain…

Avalanche Gulch 8,000 ft.

Conditions are sweet!

Timing is everything. Skinned up to Helen Lake Friday Morning. Skied down at 11:00. Perfect corn coming down and then the mash potato mush. From treeline, the boot path up the gulch makes for a great ski back down. Stay in the tracks and zoom down.

Climbers on top of Redbanks

I took this picture from Helen Lake. No wind. Looks like it’s going to be a great climbing weekend.

Top of Broadway 9,400 ft.

For those of you wondering, Sunbowl and Powder Bowl are still skiable (probably not for long) and Green Butte Proper via Sargent’s Ridge Climb still doable. The upper section of the climb is spotty and will take some route finding.

Casaval Ridge

Casaval Ridge still good climbing. Cat Walk is passable. Route finding may be required.

Current Climbing Advisory-

As always, have a great first summer weekend!

By the way…

I’ll be giving my slide show “Mount Shasta Adventures” at Sunrise Mountain Sports, Tuesday June 28th at 7:00p.m.

2455 Railroad Avenue, Livermore, CA