Wanna Climb Mt. Shasta?

If your answer is “YES”, Keep Reading!

Heading Up Avalanche Gulch

Let me help plan and book your climbing trip on Mt. Shasta.

The best time to climb Mt. Shasta is May through August. Winter and Fall climbs are available too!

There are 17 established climbing routes on the mountain from non-technical (crampons, ice-axe and helmet) to technical routes (specialized equipment for glacier and crevasse travel).

I can book your group with the best guide to suit your climbing needs. Whether your a first time climber or looking for a more challenging route including more technical skills.

What’s needed to climb Mt. Shasta?

Essentials for Climbing

Crampons, Ice-Axe, Helmet and Proper Foot Wear is just the start!

Knowing the skills and knowledge on how to use your equipment, what clothing is best to wear, eating and hydrating properly,  mountain sense and mountain safety are essential for climbing any mountain.

By taking a Basic Ice-Axe & Crampon Clinic will give you the tools needed for general mountaineering. (Climbing Avalanche Gulch Route) For more information check out detailed description under Tours & Clinics.

For those of you who sign-up for a 2-3 day climb, a basic ice-axe crampon clinic is included.

For more information, send me a email or give me a call.

What’s Currently Happening on Mt. Shasta?

The Storm's A Brewing

This past weekend were wicked winds on Mt. Shasta.

Can you believe it's June?

To over a foot of fresh snow this week.

Yes...Blue Skies!

What’s expected for the weekend?



Don’t put the avalanche gear away yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Bart Lipori says:


    I am interested in climbing Mt. Shasta. Can you send me more info? I would like to climb in August.


  2. Hiiiiiiiiii
    It’s a nice and so wonderful and interesting climbing. I like it.