Beyond Mt. Shasta…Lakes, Rivers and Streams!

The snow’s melting and the watersheds are full.

A lot of the lakes are mostly melting out now with just patches of snow surrounding them.

Gumboot Lake

This lake is clear of snow and great camping surrounding the lake.

Check out description in my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Kayakers Enjoying the Waterfall

Castle Lake is clear of snow on the lake that is.

Still snow at Heart Lake and beyond.

Remnants of a once thriving resort

Can you guess where this is?

Come a on tour and found out!

Western Azaleas

These are some of my favorite wildflowers. They are in bloom at the higher elevations.

Boots off-Creek Crossing

The Diva Group got together and hiked to some secret waterfalls.

Thanks everyone for making this such a fun hike!

Our Reward!

This beautiful waterfall is located in the Klamath Mountain Range.

Looks like it’s going to be another sunny weekend…and yes we still have snow. Check out latest advisory~

Get out there and enjoy our beautiful lakes, rivers, and creeks.

As always, Have a GREAT Weekend!