McCloud Lake Jet Boating to Lassen Peak Skiing!

Did a little something different this week~

McCloud Lake

I finally got to be in a jet boat on McCloud Lake!

Check us out in full action-


Bald Eagle

 Saw this bald eagle hanging out. Wish I had a wide lens for this picture.

Happy Kayaker

Thank you Mike and Beth for a great adventure and meeting fun new people!

McCloud Lake (Reservoir) is a great place to check out. Find it in my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Lassen Peak Trailhead

 Headed over to Lassen last Sunday to carve some turns. The road is now open all the way through. There is still lots of snow at the parking lot. The trail will only be accessible the first 1.3 miles for most of the summer. Check out Lassen Website-

Lassen Summit Plateau

 Got some good turns still. It’s definitely started to get deeply runneled or should I say tunneled!

and Mt. Shasta…

Sand Flat Meadows

 Sand Flat is almost melted out. Still snow patches and can’t drive all the way in from Lower Flat (tree blocking road)

Heading over to Hotlum/Wintun on Mt. Shasta this weekend for the last turns of the season(I say that anyways-you never know!)

Stay tune for the report!