Mt. Shasta’s Hotlum/Wintun=HOTTOON SKI!

Who says skiing’s over?

That’s been my saying all season!

Getting Ready to Go!

It’s a summer winterland on the Hotlum/Wintun.

We booted up to base camp around 8,000 ft.

Good coverage around 7,500 ft.

Pretty smooth for this low. The best snow is yet to come.

We set up camp and skinned up to 10,700 ft. for an afternoon ski.


 It is very smooth and great coverage for July.

Gourmet Meal for Dinner

Paj and I came back to a big surprise. Gourmet Dinner and Beer.

Wow~Thanks Ed!

12,000 ft. and Smooth Corn!

Sunday morning we left camp at 7:30a.m. and booted it up to 12,000 ft.

There were a lot of people getting the goods and reaching summit. Saw a few familiar faces and met new people too!

Mark Chin

 Great seeing you again and nice meeting Bryce and Steve. Great seeing you too Damian!

Ed Carving It Up!

Thanks for leading the way and making the boot tracks!

Hotlum Ice Falls

Views of the Ice Falls are pretty spectacular.

Great place to take a Glacier and Cravasse Course. Let me help plan your trip!

Tailgate Party

What a great trip. Thanks everyone!

Is ski season over???