What…Still Snow on Mt. Shasta’s Highway!

What’s going on with the snow melt on the road to the old Ski Bowl???

Everitt Memorial Hwy

It looks like the road is clear past the gate at Bunny Flat. Well…looks are deceiving. I decided to ride my bike up the road and only got a little over a mile before reaching snow. Still lots of snow! It may be awhile yet before the road opens to the Old Ski Bowl.

Bunny Flat Meadows

Snow has melted but still snow up Avalanche Gulch and beyond.

Climbing Conditions are still in great shape-


don Jose Ruiz Group

 I had a great time guiding this past weekend with this group.

The Art of Toltec Dreaming-Bring your authentic self to life, freedom and truth.


Pacific Star Flower

Looks like the weather is getting better for the weekend.

Lots of great places to hike and see the wildflowers starting to pop out.

Have a great weekend!