Rim of Mud Creek Canyon and…SNOW!

This past week we finally made it to the rim of Mud Creek Canyon on Mt. Shasta.

Good navigation skills and a  bit of cross-country travel leads to this magical place.

Top of Mud Creek Canyon

From here are views of the Konwakiton Glacier and Falls.

Konwakiton Falls

These run usually during the summer and fall months.

Mud Creek Canyon

Mud Creek Canyon is the longest and oldest canyon on Mt. Shasta.

Old Ski Bowl

Tuesday morning I took a hike up the Old Ski Bowl to around 8,500 ft.

With this early start it may be two years in a row we’ll be skiing and saying, “Happy Halloween”

At 8,500 ft...

2-3 inches with a crust on the top. This is a good start.

Happy Fall!

Looks like we could get possible over a foot of snow in the next couple days!


and as of today, forecasters are calling for a mostly sunny weekend.

I’ll post as snow conditions accumulate!

Current Conditions for 10-5-2011

Bunny Flat

Wednesday morning before the storm.

County Snow Plow

Thanks as always for doing a great job! Road is plowed to Lower Old Ski Bowl Parking area.


Earliest ever~ First ski day this season.

I was very cautious. There’s a good foot and half of snow and with that lots of rocks.

It's Snowing!

This is what it’s doing as of Wednesday Oct. 5 at noon.


  1. Shane Rathbun says:

    Great to see this side of the mountain Robin, thanks for the photo uploads/beta. You been up out of Brewer Creek lately?