Upper Sacramento River Canyon Tour and more…

This past weekend I went on one of Dottie Smith’s Tours~Upper Sacramento River Express. She’s the historian and tour guide for the Shasta County area. It was a great tour of the area and I learned a lot too!

Thanks Dottie!

Dog Creek Bridge

This historic bridge was originally called Harland Miller memorial Bridge, who was a one-time chief of the California Bridge Department. It was completed in 1927 at a cost of $114,985.

Sacramento River and Dog Creek Area

The first gold discovery in the Sacramento River Canyon was made in Dog Creek in 1850 but wasn’t mined or settled until 1855 because of Indian hostilities.

Lower Soda Springs

Springs all along Soda Creek in the Castella area offered many healing properties. This spring is enclosed in a temple located on the Berry Estate Property (it’s private). This was the location to George W. Bailey’s Hotel in 1858 and the Castle Crags Tavern and Resort in 1892, the largest hotel ever built in Shasta County.

Back Side of Castle Crags

 Castle Crags area offers lots of history starting with the Indians who referred to it as Abode of the Devil, Castle del Diablo meaning Castle of the Devil by the Spanish, and the Needles by Hudson’s Bay trapper Michel LaFramboise. Great hiking opportunities too!

Happy Hikers, Gray Butte~Mt. Shasta

My friend and her son visiting from Grass Valley this week. We had a great visit.

View of Old Ski Bowl

We’ve been having our Indian Summer this week. Great hiking opportunities in our area. Looks like weather into the 70’s this weekend dropping into the 60’s next week.

Have a great weekend!