What’s Happening at Castle Lake…

With no snow in the near future, I’ve been wondering what the conditions are like at Castle and Heart Lake?

Castle Lake 12-09-2011, Klamath Mountain Range

I took a hike up to Heart Lake this morning to check out conditions. It’s absolutely beautiful for snow hiking.

There’s snow and a well booted path up but early morning makes it a icy hike up. Be prepared with the proper footwear.

Heart Lake

Heart Lake is frozen over. I didn’t see any skate tracks but did see foot tracks.

Here’s the scoop for safety and walking on ice from the National Association for Search and Rescue: 2 inches=walking, 4 inches=fishing, 5 inches=snowmobiles, 8-12 inches=vehicles

Castle Lake Up Close

There’s a nice thin layer of ice on Castle Lake.

This lake was once known to the Shasta and Wintu Indians as “Castle of the Devil”. They believed an evil spirit “Ku-Ku-Pa-Rick” lived in the lake and made the eerie echoing sounds heard in the winter. These noises were later to be discovered to be the movement of ice. It’s making those sounds!

and latest conditions on Mt. Shasta~

Avalanche Gulch 12-08-2011

Not much snow!

Down Gemini Tree

A great place to hang out and enjoy the mountain views!

Have a great weekend!