Happy President’s Day Week!

President’s Day is on third Monday in February and was established by Congress in 1880s. It honors George Washington, the first president of the United States and Abraham Lincoln. It also honors the legacies of the U.S. Presidents.

George Washington, Mt. Rushmore

My first park ranger job was at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota in 1989. I volunteered through a program Student Conservation Association (SCA). It was the beginnings…

Yep...me in action!

Mt. Rushmore’s history is very interesting~

Seeking to attract tourism to the area in the early twenties, Doane Robinson, who was the South Dakota’s State Historian, came up with the idea to sculpt historic heroes of the west in the natural granite pillars.

Up Close and Personal

 Gutzon Borglum, the sculpture artist hired for the project came up with the idea of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to be the carved as that would attract more national interest. He later added Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt to the list in recognition of their contributions to the birth of democracy and the growth of the United States.

On George Washington's Head!!!

Back in the 1950’s, visitors were allowed to go up to the top of the monument. Due to safely and vandalism concerns, it only lasted for a short time. Fortunately, the crew I worked with had the opportunity to hike to the top.

Oh yeah…and what’s happening here in Mt. Shasta~

President's Week SNOW!

This last storm we got powder~7-10+ inches!

 Come on up and enjoy the Mt. Shasta  Backcountry!

Looks like wintery weather this week into the weekend on Mt. Shasta.


 President’s Week Specials this week and weekend on backcountry ski and snowshoe tours.

Give me a call for more information~530-926-3250


  1. Nice post, Robin. Always good to see SCA alumni practicing a continued commitment to conservation and helping others to develop their own appreciation for nature. You’re to be commended. Anyone interested in following in Robin’s footsteps — with or without snowshoes — by enjoying an internship or launching a career in a national park or forest should check out the Student Conservation Association at http://www.thesca.org.