Winter’s Finally Here…and Spring is next WEEK!

We finally have a real snowpack!

Over 2 feet of freshies on a nice base and more to come.

New Snow!!!

Thursday morning we headed up Green Butte Ridge. Visibility good through the trees and not so good…

Above 8,000 ft.

It really warmed up from the day before. In this picture it’s raining making the snow conditions soft and heavy. Looks like this weekend temps should drop again bringing powdery conditions and lots of SNOW~

Mikie Shredding the First Turn!

Interesting but skiable!

BE ON ALERT- We are in Moderate to Increasing Avalanche Danger Advisory!!!

Don’t forget the avalanche essentials~Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel, Probe and most important, “Your Brain”.

Bunny Flat 6,950 ft.

As always, I would like to thank the County for doing a great job keeping the road plowed!

With these series of storms coming in, it’s always a good idea to a have a snow-vehicle and/or carry chains, have a shovel, extra food, water, clothing and be prepared for SNOW!

Have a safe and fun weekend!