The West Side…Mt. Eddy Descent!

This week we did our annual Mt. Eddy descent. Mt. Eddy is part of the Klamath Mountain Range and is the highest peak at 9,025 ft. Timing is everything for this ski descent and having friends that live in the area help too!

Getting Closer to the Top!

I get a lot of inquiries about access to this area. It’s difficult with all the property owner issues and no public easement. Either waiting for the Parks Creek trail head to open up or starting from Morgan Meadows-that’s usually a 2+ days trip, is the most accessible way to Mt. Eddy.

Dubkin Lake

High alpine lakes are still frozen.

Getting ready for the descent!

It was a bit icy at the top but as we skied, the corn ripened.

The View~Shasta Valley

In the distance is Lake Shastina and Shasta Valley~the remnants from Ancestral Mt. Shasta.

Find out more in my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun”.

Durney Lake

On our way down, we stopped for lunch.

Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful SUNNY weekend!

Come up and ENJOY Mt. Shasta!


  1. Rick Finken says:


    I want to say thank-you for sharing the great information about conditions and outings on Shasta. I’ll be going with some friends in few weeks to make yet another attemp to reach the top. We’re gonna try to summit on May 25. We’re hoping to be just a little bit ahead of the Memorial Weekend spike in the number of visitors. I’ve made three previous trips to Shasta from Southern California. I haven’t made it to the top yet but I’ve had fun trying and had some great ski runs descending from various turn around points on Avalanche Gulch and Clear Creek.

    I’ve been checking your site at lease once a week throughout the winter for my sort of vicarious visits to Shasta to keep watch on conditions. Wow, what an unusual season! We’re hoping to get some stable, good weather and snow conditions for our upcoming trip. So please keep posting the awesome reports and pictures.