Hotlum/Wintun Ski~Eastside Mt. Shasta

Tuesday morning I headed over to the Brewer Creek Trailhead to meet my friend Ed.

A Welcoming Morning...

The drive to the Brewer Creek  trailhead is clear of snow until the last 1 1/2 miles. Easy hike up from there.

It started off as a beautiful day and when we reached 10,000 ft. it looked like this…

Above 10,000 ft.

Good smooth skiing from here to around 8,500 ft.

Ed Shredding!

Wednesday morning we headed over towards the Wintun Glacier.

Close-up of Wintun Glacier(left),Hottoon(middle)Hotlum Glacier(right)

Notice the avalanche on the Wintun Glacier. Something to be aware of heading up there.

Ash Creek Butte in the distance(to the left)

A gorgeous weekend ahead…at 7,000 ft.

Have a great weekend!