Mt. Shasta’s 4th of July~Coming Up!

We’ve had quite a week with weather…


Rain, Snow, Wind and Mt. Shasta’s Famous Lenticular Clouds!

Looks like a slight chance of weather this weekend and nice next week!

Wildflowers are blooming, rivers flowing and waterfalls in force…wondering what to do~

Worth it!

Come on a scenic tour or hike and explore the beautiful sites of Mt. Shasta~

Shasta Lily

A lot of unique wildflowers are started to perk up…the rare Phantom Orchid, Fringe Grass of Parnassus and many more.

Oh yeah…wondering what’s happening on the mountain~

Old Ski Bowl 6-27-2012

Climbing conditions are great!

Still thinking about climbing, give me a call and help you get set up!

With the recent snow we received (above 9,000 ft.), skiing’s good up high.  Best skiing is over on the Hotlum/Wintun route-Brewer Creek. Check out climbing advisory for more info-

4th of July Events~

Lots to do…Have a Great Weekend and a Fun and Safe 4th of July!