Mt. Shasta’s Eastside Conditions!

Saturday I headed over to the Clear Creek route located on the east side of Mt. Shasta.

Sunrise on Clear Creek

We got an early start with the warm temperatures expected.

Early Morning Booting Up

It’s pretty close getting to the trail head. We had to hike about a mile or so. We booted it until around 9,000 ft. where we found some smoother snow for skinning up.

Clear Creek Route

Clear Creek Route is looking pretty bleak on snow coverage for skiing but good climbing. We decided to head over to the Ash Creek Drainage.

Ash Creek Drainage

We found some good turns and up higher, the Wintun Glacier is looking sweet!

Snow still limits the Brewer Creek Trail head.  About 1.5  miles on the road and a bit shorter hiking up the drainage.

Mt. Eddy~Klamath Mountain Range

A cold front is moving in this week with snow accumulation at the higher elevations.

Have a great week!