Shasta Big Springs Ranch~Salmon Spawning

Friday and Saturday has been a real treat for the public viewing of the Coho Salmon.

Shasta River

Since 2006, the Nature Conservancy has been partners for the preservation and protection of the 4,534 acres of Shasta Big Springs Ranch in Northern California, which serves as an important nursery for salmon, steelhead and other species throughout the Klamath basin.

Coho Salmon

 Upon the completion of the restoration, their waters will remain cool all year and provide salmon and steelhead with ideal conditions for spawning and rearing in both winter and summer. This year has been the largest run since the 1950s.

View of the Big Springs Ranch with Goosenest Peak.

The ranch contains 3 miles of the upper Shasta River, as well as 2.2 miles of Big Springs Creek. Both waterways are important Klamath River tributaries and originate from Mt. Shasta’s glaciers.

Beautiful Mt. Shasta

Looks like more weather is moving in towards the end of the week~SNOW!!!

Happy Halloween & Have a great week!