Spaceships, UFOs or…Maybe the Lemurians!

This week we’ve been seeing incredible cloud formations!


Ready for landing…

These flying saucer type clouds have inspired the connection between the mountain and UFOs with many stories being told beginning with Frederick Spencer Oliver’s 1905 book, A Dweller on Two Planets. Descendents of the mythical civilization of Lemuria have long be said to have taken refuge inside Mt. Shasta and they have spaceships!

Triple Decker!

Triple Decker!

Lenticulars are made of water droplets and wind. To create a lenticular cloud, there must be a strong wind to carry the moisture up and over the mountain.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

WoW!!!~This amazing photo was taken by Ken Nelson.

Alpine Glow Sunset

Alpine Glow Sunset

High Pressure moving in for a while…

Come on up and PLAY in the SNOW!


  1. Hi Robin – thanks for the great website. I’m over in Eureka and this is the best place online to get Shasta snow info. I’m thinking about heading over that way this weekend. If I remember correctly, Everitt Memorial Highway deadends and it’s a good place to play and let the dogs run around, and then snowshoe farther up the highway. Do you think the snow there (and at the Nordic Center) will be good this weekend?

  2. Thanks! This weekend is looking sweet! Everitt Memorial Highway is plowed to Bunny Flat. There is a lot of snow. You can head up the road to the Old Ski Bowl with your dog or play around Bunny Flat area. The Nordic Center is up and running. I’d say this is a great weekend to come to Mt. Shasta!

  3. Sounds good – thanks Robin! I’m going to head over!