Snow Conditions on Mt. Shasta…

Here are the snow conditions on Mt. Shasta~

Avalanche Gulch 3-14-2013

Avalanche Gulch 3-14-2013

Corny and Smooth!

We currently have 6-10 feet of snow above 6,500 ft. Since September 1st, Mt Shasta sits at 75% of normal, 24.37″ recorded; normal 32.36″. For 2013, we sit at 22% of normal with 3.67″ recorded and 16.48″ normal.

The Gulch...

The Gulch…

Mt. Eddy in the background is looking good!

Bunny Flat Parking Area

Bunny Flat Parking Area

We have a great snow pack especially for the upcoming climbing season!

Thinking about climbing Mt. Shasta? Give me a call at 530-926-3250 to help get you set up.

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Thanks Mom & Dad~I had a great time visiting with you!

Great weather this weekend here in Mt. Shasta-

As always, have a great weekend!

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