Mount Shasta’s Northside~Hotlum/Bolam, Southside Conditions and Castle Lake Area

Current Conditions on Southside 5-2-2013

Bunny Flat 5-2-2013

Bunny Flat

It’s really starting to melt down low but still skiable. A little smokey!

Between 7,000-8,000 ft. it’s marginal and 9,000 up~ GOOD!

Road beyond Bunny Flat

Road beyond Bunny Flat

It’s still going to be awhile before the road opens up to the Old Ski Bowl.

Today (Monday) a friend and I headed over to the North Gate Trailhead. We were able to drive within a half mile before reaching snow.

8,000 ft.

8,000 ft. on Mt. Shasta’s Northside

We were able to skin up from where we parked. Snow was a little patchy down low but consistent most of the way.

Nice Coverage!

Nice Coverage on Hotlum/Bolam Route!

We skinned up to 9,200 ft. before hitting the winds making conditions icy and rough. Found nice snow all the way down to the trail head. Probably not going to last long with the warm temps we’ve been having.

Wondering what’s been happening over at Castle Lake…

Castle Lake

Castle Lake

Spring time!!!

Seasonal Waterfall

Seasonal Waterfall

Now’s a good time to go waterfall hiking. This was an all day hike located in the Castle Crags Wilderness.

Who's This?

Who’s This?

Joaquin Miller!

Miller was may things; miner and traveler; horse thief, lawyer, and judge, Indian hunter and Indian supporter; truth-bender, writer, and at times an amazingly accurate historical interpreter of California in the mid-1800s. Learn more on one of the very interested tours offered by our local Sisson Museum~

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SAR Fundraiser

SAR Fundraiser

Call or email me at 530-926-3250 or for tickets and more information.

Have a great weekend!