Windy Mt. Shasta!

Windy is the word for the week!

Avalanche Gulch

Avalanche Gulch

Snow has been getting blown around making interesting and pretty good ski conditions!

Along the ridge...

Along the ridge…

Guess where the good snow is?

Dropping In!

Dropping In!

I love this slope!

Me and Gerald

Gerald and I

Thanks Paj for taking this picture!

Looks like we’re in for more wind and maybe a little bit of rain/snow~

Have a great weekend!


Come out and support Siskiyou County Search & Rescue for our 2nd annual  Fundraiser Dinner/Auction!
May 10th, 6:00 p.m. at the Montague Community Center, 200 11th St. Montague
Adults $15 Children (6 and under) $7
SAR Fundraiser

SAR Fundraiser

Call or email me for further information @ 530-926-3250 or