Welcoming Rain & Snow this Week~Mt. Shasta!

This week has been nice with cool temperatures and unique cloudy skies.


Avalanche Gulch melting out.

Conditions on Avalanche Gulch are deteriorating. There are 17 routes on Mt. Shasta. Give me a call and  help plan your climb on the best route for you!

Black Butte Enlightened!

Black Butte Enlightened!

Black Butte is a plug dome volcano meaning when the lava emerges from below but is too slow to move away, it builds up on itself and therefore seals the vent. This volcano was created during four separate eruption periods.


Looking towards the west-Mt. Shasta

Summer always brings innate looking clouds!

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

I went hiking with a friend up the Wagon Creek Drainage over on the Klamath Mountain Range. Lots of wildflowers blooming.

No name pond

No name pond

It was a gorgeous day!

Beautiful Mt. Shasta!

Beautiful Mt. Shasta!

A lot of people climbed this day and were in that cloud.

The Storm...

The Storm…

It’s here and we are getting rain in town. The snow level on the mountain is pretty high and minimal accumulation. Looks like temps will be back up by this weekend~http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=41.31708154662973&lon=-122.3104476928711#.UcnItdgQNlM

Have a great week and weekend!

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