Happy Spring!!!

Today is officially spring and it feels like it!


Lovely Day!

It’s officially corn season! corn’ snow” Skiing. snow in the form of small pellets or grains produced by the alternate melting and freezing of a snow layer. Also called corn, spring snow.

Skiing the cliffs!

Skiing the cliffs!

A little bit steep but fun!

Dropping in...

Dropping in…

With these warm temperatures, the good skiing isn’t going to last long. Looking for a ski or snowshoe tour, give me a call @530-926-3250.

Upper Avalanche Gulch

Upper Avalanche Gulch 3-20-2014

Climbing season is going to have a shorter window then usual with our limited snow pack. Thinking about climbing, give me a call to help set you up with the best guide for your climbing abilities.

Bluey says...

Bluey says…

Have a great weekend!