Memorial Weekend in Mt. Shasta

There’s plenty of fun things to do this weekend!

Panther Meadows Area

Panther Meadows Area

Starting with the mountain…

The Everitt Memorial Highway is clear up to Bunny Flat Trail Head.

Patches of snow from 7,000 ft. and higher.

Right now is a great time to walk, ride a bike, even skateboard (very cautiously) on the road past the gate.



There are still lots of rocks, debris and patches of snow on the road.

Snow on the road past Panther Meadows.

Snow on the road past Panther Meadows.

When does the county open the gate to the Old Ski Bowl?

Usually when all the snow melts off the road.


Upper Avalanche Gulch

Great climbing conditions right now!

Now’s the open window of opportunity…Call me to help you get set up~530-926-3250.

Other fun things to do~

Check out the mushroom festival in McCloud~

Dunsmuir Dogwood Daze~

There’s great hiking right now in our area. Waterfalls are flowing and wildflowers are starting to poke out. Check out my book, “Mount Shasta Guide to Fun” for more ideas.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!


  1. When were the photos above taken?